What are we currently in need of?

The hospitals we supply are currently mainly asking for gowns, sleepsuits and sleeping bags / cuddlers in neutral colours, e.g. white, cream, pale yellow, pale green.

We are currently running short of bigger knitted or crocheted blankets, measuring 20-22″ square or bigger, again in neutral colours.

We also have a shortage of gowns in white, cream or pale yellow, measuring anywhere between 8″ and 14″ from neck to bottom of hem. These are best made with 4ply wool (acrylic)  as clothing that is made with thicker DK can be too overwhelming for these tiny babies.

8 thoughts on “What are we currently in need of?

    1. You are welcome to knit any blankets at all, as long as they are somewhere between 12″ and 24″ square, or occasionally even bigger than this. Any of our patterns will be perfect for our use but we also accept all sorts of other blankets, as long as they are made in white, cream or pale pastel colours.

      Karen B


  1. I am getting over cancer and my hands don’t work too well I can manage tiny pull on hats for babies is there a need for these/


  2. Hi. We would like to make a donation to your charity in loving memory of our tiny angel twins Barnaby and Briar-rose. How do we do this please?
    With love
    Sophie Richardson


  3. Hi I have donated to you before but wonder what you are in need of at the moment. I am planning to do some teddies and some blankets but could you tell me the size of the blankets that you are most in need of I am not much good at fiddle things. I think you do the most amazing work keep it up.


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