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We can be e-mailed at:

We also have an active Facebook group which is free to join:

Cuddles UK – Facebook group

Please send any finished items to:

Our new postal address, to send parcels to is:

Cuddles Baby Knits

PO Box 462



11 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Thank you for our lovely blanket and card, really meant a lot to know someone was thinking of us the day we lost our baby boy Max 3 weeks ago, born asleep on his due date ❤️ xxxx


  2. Hi there.
    I am just wondering how do I go about getting a teddy, blanket and hat for my baby girl who I miscarried at 20weeks, can I buy them off you?
    Kind Regards


  3. My baby girl Autumn Nicole was born sleeping at 24 weeks, weighing 13oz. and 11.13inches long, five years ago. The hospital had her wrapped in a white blanket with pink and blue strip at top. I was surprised when I opened up the blanket she also had a pink dress on.. This past February we had a fire and i lost those keepsakes. I have been looking for somewhere to replace them. How would I go about to order a dress,hat,blanket and bear?
    Is there another site I would go to?
    Thank you,
    Heather Riggs


      1. I received my package today!! Thank you so much, having something to hold that was made for my Babygirl helps alot. They are so beautiful.

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  4. Hello,

    Do you have a need for financial donations or just donations of the knitted variety? I can’t knit, but would like to help give back to Cuddles if I can.

    If financial donations would be helpful, please can you let me know who a cheque should be made out to / if you have a justgiving website or similar?



  5. I have a quantity of knitted blankets 20 x 20inches mostly pastel colours they are knitted in the triangle style i.e. casting on one stitch and then increasing each row to produce a triangle and then decreasing back to 1 stitch. They are knitted in garter stitch. Can you use them? I could just send one for you to see.


  6. I can’t thank the people at this charity enough. If it weren’t for you wonderful people my beautiful boy would have nothing to wear and be wrapped up in.


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