Guidelines for making items suitable for Cuddles

It is important to remember that the stillborn babies we are making clothing and blankets for are very small and often have extremely delicate skin. That is why we make specially designed clothing that is easy for parents and/or staff to dress these special babies in. It is simply not possible to manouevre tiny, delicate arms into long-sleeved clothing or clothing with legs.

We do need burial gowns, sleepsuits that open down the front and have small capped sleeves and hooded sleeping bags / cuddlers that have no arm-holes and open all the way down the front.

We do not often need cardigans, mittens and booties. If you wish to make these items then please send them directly to one of the many preemie charities in the UK.

Please stick to using white, cream or very pale pastel colours as these suit the skin-colour of early-loss babies. Gender-neutral colours are needed more than pink or blue.

For clothing we tend to use 4ply or 3ply as the thicker yarns are unsuitable for these tiny babies and tend to produce over-bulky clothing that swamps the babies.

For blankets we use 3ply or 4ply for blankets that are smaller than 20″ square and 3ply, 4ply or DK for blankets of 20″ or bigger.

Most of our members use machine-washable acrylic or acylic / nylon yarns because they are cost-effective, easy to wash and often smooth and soft. You can also use wool as long as it is soft.

Highly textured and bumpy yarns are not suitable as they can stick to the babies’ delicate skin.

The best advice we can give is…..keep it simple, delicate, smooth and pretty.


4 thoughts on “Guidelines for making items suitable for Cuddles

  1. Are you still accepting garments? I have made quite a few for you in the past and then two more grandchildren arrived, who I help out with childcare for, so my time has been limited. I have, in the past, supplied you with boxes of “thank you” cards to sell to raise funds. Please let me know if you would like more cards to sell. I make a wide range of greetings cards for all occasions and would be happy to make some for you. Also, I am happy to continue knitting the various garments. Yours is such a worthwhile charity and I will continue to support you.


  2. I now have a craft room up and running so I will make you a box of thank you cards to give to grateful parents who have been comforted by your help. I haven’t done much knitting recently but will continue to make the garments and blankets etc. I am so lucky to have three beautiful granddaughters and my heart goes out to those who aren’t so fortunate.


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